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Carnero, pure brutal hardcore

Carnero's music is a hardcore, math crust metal blood bath and it's made with a punk attitude

Boogie Spiders, creepy motown rock’n’roll

Boogie Spiders is a punky trio in a love-cult with rock’n’roll music and they're always looking for the next venue stage to sweat their filthy sound all over your body

S.O.C.S.: Attitude is the word

S.O.C.S. play anal rock, punk’s urge for weird and fast rock’n’roll, full of stunning riffs and stoner vibes; they are outsiders and as part of the scene they ask: whene did punk-rock become so safe?

CIBO is stupid music for smart people

Cibo is the Italian word for "food": mix a tablespoon of grindbrutal, hardcore and rock'n'roll and the outcome is this incredible band from Turin, a fast and crazy rock project out now with their new album "Capolavoro"

Professional Punkers and their open hardcore punk lab

Ruggero, the head and founder of Professional Punkers talks about the hard work behind booking shows as a DIY label and about the international shows he organizes especially their impending northern Italian tour

I AM A FISH: fresh jazz atmospheres

I am a Fish is a jazz project from Milan with beautifully improvised and structured melodies! Let them drive you through their harmony and let the music flow!

The Blues Against Youth and his everlasting tour

The Blues Against Youth is a one man band that has been blending a new style of old country-blues music with 70s rock since 2009

Don Albi: a philosophical rap approach

Born in Albania and raised in Puglia, Don Albi is a rap musican who settled in Milan, where he creates his unique style built on the storytelling of concrete life experiences

ZONA D’OMBRA: friendship and solidarity against the apahty of the present times

ZONA D'OMBRA is an Italian hardcore band driven by passion instead of money, building a freer and happier place

MOM BLASTER: a new rock upbeat sound from Southern Italy!

MOM BLASTER: a new rock upbeat sound overcoming the usual reggae clichés, sending a message of reflection over the day to day selfish life

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