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Visual Satiation

Visual Satiation: SLACK

Ladies and Gentlemen, the second chapter of Visual Satiation draws to a close! During our trip, we’ve had the pleasure of showcasing many interesting artists from different countries, and I want to thank each one of you for having made this all possible. Though, before saying “arrivederci” there’s someone else I had the joy of […]

Visual Satiation: Silvia Asunis

Silvia Asunis is an Italian artist and graphic designer who completely embody her illustrations: cute, tough, and hella stylish all at once. This Berlin-based babe’s work is a mix of good ol’ Illustration and Tattoo Art with a strong graphic taste that is hard not to notice. Let’s discover more about this talented tattooed lady […]


Penelope Gazin is definitely one of the most charismatic and prolific ambassadors of Los Angeles’s sparkling artistic scene   Besides being a smart and funny artist, this cheeky humorous girl is also a drummer, a dancer, a fashion designer, a graphic designer, an animator, a comic artist, the co-founder of Witchsy, and I wouldn’t be […]

Visual Satiation: Kristen Liu-Wong

Isn’t it lovely how Kristen Liu-Wong plays with the morbid side in all of us? By using a variety of catchy candy colours to drag viewers into her sick & twisted world, Kristen Liu-Wong always leaves you craving more. Now, let’s have a listen to what this extremely talented San Francisco to Los Angeles transplant […]


Thomas Heaphy is a British born artist from Brighton currently based out of Berlin His works are a black and white trip through distorted visions composed by occult images and stunning hypnotic patterns. His obsession with words and letterings lends homage to the fact that Tom is also a writer and a self-taught tattooer. Let’s […]

Visual Satiation: René Meyer

I never knew looking at a stencil artist’s work could send you into a perpetual loop of disbelief, but German artist René Meyer has somehow managed to raise the bar of this art form with his hyperrealistic stencils… Let’s have a chat with him!   Hello René and welcome to Visual Satiation!  Let’s start by […]

A circus man without hands that looks like a leopard


When the right pair of eyes meets the right characters, what results can only be described as explosive, such is the extraordinary works of photographer Parker Day. This mind-blowing artist born in 1984 and based out of Los Angeles, celebrates all of today’s glamorous kitsch through her stunning portraits featuring eccentric personalities characterized by saturated […]

A bloody baby dinosaur in hands of a naked woman


Elena Helfrecht is a very talented, self-taught German photographer, born in 1992 and currently based in London. With her unique point of view, she’s able to evoke extremely tense and powerful images characterized by her peculiar mix of dark beauty, brutal truths and a gloomy tenderness.   Hello Elena and welcome to Visual Satiation! Would you […]

Bart simpson braided like spaghetti, a draw by Ermsy


Who needs drugs when you can stare at Ermsy’s drawings? This time on Visual Satiation, we’ll talk about counterculture Italian comics and music that makes you cry with a terrific, British artist and a lovely human being: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Monsieur Ermsy!   Bonjour Ermsy and Welcome to Visual Satiation! Let’s start by introducing […]



With her highly detailed, twisted drawings characterized by a stunning, dark charm Zigendemonic is definitely one of the most interesting artists of the Underground Art’s parallel universe. Born in 1988 in Ukraine, Zigendemonic is currently based in Berlin. Let’s have a chat with this extremely talented vampiress beauty.   Hi Zigendemonic and welcome to Visual Satiation! […]

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