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The Blues Against Youth and his everlasting tour

The Blues Against Youth is a one man band that has been blending a new style of old country-blues music with 70s rock since 2009

CROSBY TYLER – THE ONE MAN TUB-THUMPIN’ BAND: a one man band playing a genuine blues like the old days… always on tour

CROSBY TYLER-THE ONE MAN TUB-THUMPIN' BAND: playing his own bass, drum, guitar and singing at the same time, performs story-telling songs of prisons, drunks, trains, outlaws and black sheeps of life

VICIOUS STEEL: Kerosene-flavoured campfire duo

Camp set between Hill Country & Bayou, VICIOUS STEEL unload crates of moonshine from the back of their ute. Feels like the sizzle of bacon in a log cabin, with hot sauce on top.

La Salle Gueule

LA SALLE GUEULE: an upsetting great place in Marseille

Meet crazy people in Marseille and go the punk way to LA SALLE GUEULE! Don't worry, they could be kind as well...


K’E-K’E-M: one of the most interesting punk band from Sardinia!

What comes to mind if I say Sardinia? Do you think about beautiful beaches and blue Mediterranean sea? It's not only that... it's a place full of great bands, too!

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