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Exploring the Electronic Soul of Gelivan

The basis is in movement, being outdoors in the fresh air and relaxing in the sunlight: that's Gelivan and his way of transforming real world sonority into electronic music

The Cielo Pordomingo summer European tour

Emmy winning artist Cielo Pordomingo and her band are hitting the Mexican festival circuit to present her second album "Fugaline" and realize their first summer European tour!

Itsu’s deep exploration of the physics of sound

Fresh from the Aussie bush party scene, Itsu started out playing experimental cinematic bass and glitch hop finally matured into his infamous neurofunk drum and bass style

I AM A FISH: fresh jazz atmospheres

I am a Fish is a jazz project from Milan with beautifully improvised and structured melodies! Let them drive you through their harmony and let the music flow!

Cannonball Statman: the king of modern antifolk

Cannonball Statman music is a super modern mixture of distortion and psychedelic atmospheres; he tells nonlinear stories with surreal imagery and unexpected twists and turns!

WHALE VS ELEPHANT: small town artist discovering Europe

WHALE VS ELEPHANT is the story of a traveling indietronic musician from a small german town

ETHEREAL: a noise solo project which tries to experiment freely sounds with no fixed purpose

ETHEREAL captures the mood of the places he visits by connecting sounds that inspire him with sounds recorded all around the world from Europe to Erythrea and Haiti

C.J. Boyd

C.J. BOYD: on perpetual tour since March 2008, a non-stop traveler between North America and Europe

Through his solo performance C.J. BOYD creates movement and stasis both at the center of his music. His oceanic sounds provide a home for the homeless and journeys to the homebound

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