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Boogie Spiders, creepy motown rock’n’roll

Boogie Spiders is a punky trio in a love-cult with rock’n’roll music and they're always looking for the next venue stage to sweat their filthy sound all over your body

RAWDOG: a “coup de foudre” garage duo

RawDog is a medley of personal compositions with brooding and precise execution, gearing up to play in Paris the 18th of December 2015

THE CHEMIST AND THE ACEVITIES: alcoholism & the etiquette destruction experiment

The Chemist and the Acevities play instrumental surf garage inspired by films soundtracks and western movies; they play it fast and noisy with explosive melodies

DEVILISH PIRANHAS: a rock’n’roll voodoo animal

DEVILISH PIRANHAS believe in magic and in good vibrations... ready to play their new album “Greetings from the voodoo island of lust” in Milan and Florence soon!

La Salle Gueule

LA SALLE GUEULE: an upsetting great place in Marseille

Meet crazy people in Marseille and go the punk way to LA SALLE GUEULE! Don't worry, they could be kind as well...


REWINDER: somewhere between love and garage

Juli and Matt are two passionate lovers known as Rewinder. She plays drums and he plays guitar. They're always on tour and they spent few minutes with us to answer our question...enjoy!

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