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Post Hardcore

Massive Scar Era: post hardcore from the Middle East

Massive Scar Era is an Egyptian post hardcore band with Middle Eastern influences: by metalcore to hardcore punk with adding of pop tastes flavoured by classical, jazz and orchestral violin

ZONA D’OMBRA: friendship and solidarity against the apahty of the present times

ZONA D'OMBRA is an Italian hardcore band driven by passion instead of money, building a freer and happier place

F.O.A. Boccaccio: a political and cultural Italian squat space since 2003, a different kind of experience

F.O.A. Boccaccio mixes people with different political backgrounds with global issues and the need for a change. Now getting ready for the Summer Festival in July 2015!


DJEVARA: “post-everything”, shit-stirring hardcore alternative rock from London, England

DJEVARA, now out with their schizophrenic new album "Viva!/Punk is not a Sound", will be touring throughout 2015 in Europe. Interested in booking them? Get in touch!

To Kill Achilles

TO KILL ACHILLES: after shocking Europe with a great tour in 2014, the best band in Scotland is releasing a new album!

TO KILL ACHILLES are six Scottish friends who found some time to answer our questions after an awesome 22-gigs European tour in 2014 and the recording of their new album Existence which will be out soon... Enjoy!

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