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Punk Rock

Shockload, the NEW Canadian PUNK SCENE

Shockload is fast, energetic and melodic hardcore punk: their story talks about passion for music, supporting the Vancouver DIY scene and a chicken as their missed mascot on tour!

Slumlord Radio, action rock from the Mitten

Swedish stoner truck drivers Slumlord Radio deliver their signature cannon-drum pounding, gnarly sex-dripping riffs and sharp-dressed bass, with deep, full flavoured whiskey vocals!

S.O.C.S.: Attitude is the word

S.O.C.S. play anal rock, punk’s urge for weird and fast rock’n’roll, full of stunning riffs and stoner vibes; they are outsiders and as part of the scene they ask: whene did punk-rock become so safe?

Professional Punkers and their open hardcore punk lab

Ruggero, the head and founder of Professional Punkers talks about the hard work behind booking shows as a DIY label and about the international shows he organizes especially their impending northern Italian tour

The Great European Escape by El Escapado

El Escapado is the true story of how one band transformed make-believe into a real-life international vacation

EgoLegio: ska sucks and punk is dumb!

Egolegio is an eclectic band from Budapest, Hungary: their style is a collage of punk and ska riffs blasting a mess of Spanish, Hungarian and English lyrics!

Kill The Rooster

Kill The Rooster! Energetic rock trio from Copenhagen

From Denmark, Kill The Rooster: inspired by personal experiences and society, influenced by Queens Of The Stone Age, System Of A Down and Green Day

BAT SIGNAL say yes to drinking, but say no to drink driving

Bat Signal is the Thessaloniki symbol of punk rock style, that means explosive music, creativity and selfdestruction

NEUTRAL BOMBS: Swiss punk rock crew ready for shows!

NEUTRAL BOMBS is a punk rock band fresh out from Lugano with their first album “Another Culture Dies”. This Friday November 6th, they are ready to show Milan what they've got!

DEVILISH PIRANHAS: a rock’n’roll voodoo animal

DEVILISH PIRANHAS believe in magic and in good vibrations... ready to play their new album “Greetings from the voodoo island of lust” in Milan and Florence soon!

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